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Four Tiny Blue Bird Eggs and a Happy Dog

Four Tiny Blue Bird Eggs and a Happy Dog

These eggs are in a birdhouse my daughter made for me years and years ago. The lid flips up so we can spy on the babies whenever mom and dad aren’t looking. These little eggs just made my day. :)

003This is our little pup Foxy Brown who was a roadside resident until the day my daughter and I saw her. We picked her up and brought her flea and tick-covered little self home and she’s been a happy dog…

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The Lonely Rooster

Fluffy is a rooster. He popped up in a litter of chicks and he was very scruffy looking. Instead of calling him “Scruffy”, I decided to call him “Fluffy”…because his feathers were always fluffed up and didn’t really look like feathers anyway…more like hair with quills.


From the time Fluffy was a baby, all the other roosters would pick on him relentlessly. I took pity on him and brought him…

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A Liquid Soap Experience

A Liquid Soap Experience


So, the biggest hurdle I’ve found to selling my bar soaps to some folks is that long ago, a certain percentage of the population here in the United States gave up trying to get clean with regular-old bars of soap. Now, these folks had probably NOT tried and became hooked on OUR bars of soap…soaps like Sparkling Raspberry, Lavender and Oatmeal, Gold Rush, Cranberry Marmalade, White Tea and…

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Spammers Got The Boot! I Hope :)

Spammers Got The Boot! I Hope :)

violet flower

I think I may have finally got rid of my spammers! I’ll see if anything shows up in the next couple of days. If it doesn’t, then I can quit holding my breath before I pass out. I was going to delete the whole blog, but then I realized it’s a nice way to hang onto lots of pictures and articles I’ve written so I really didn’t want to do that. Hopefully, they will be unable to access the blog again…

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Hacu59miyi…C-A N A-D..I-A N _..P..H_A R M-A_C..Y-
Not Just a Medicine Shop, But a Family .
I’m Getting Spammed!

I’m Getting Spammed!

It seems like someone has been able to get into my blog and post spam content to my site. I hope that my readers realize it’s spam and have not clicked on any links or bought their awful products. I have changed my password a couple of times. The last time I used one of those passwords that I myself cannot even remember or memorize, but that has not helped. I believe the posts are coming in thru…

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Hacu59miyi…C..A..N-A_D..I-A..N-__ D..R U-G..S,
C_A..N_A..D_I-A..N — P..H-A_R_M..A-C Y-Hacu59miyi.